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    dacell_dacell load cell

    dacell_dacell load cell

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    【廣州★南創】:韓國Dacell load cells稱重傳感器【中國正式★一級總代理】,優勢價格專業提供韓國Dacell load cells 稱重傳感器,Dacell load cells銷售電話:020-28989905,Dacell稱重傳感器價格資訊及產品服務。


    Dacellis providing  and various weighing and measuring products, which can be used in various fields of industries, based on 20 years of experiences in manufacturing of weighing and measuring products and with own superior technologies.
    We will exert every efforts to provide customers with total soluations for a field of load cells and as well as advanced weighing and measuring field by developing of high quality products with the inernational competitiveness.

    Dacell load cells



    dacell load cells我公司供應韓國DACELL(大拿)UU TX25 TS21 CMM2稱重傳感器(load cells)及相關傳感器產品,如下:
    UMI稱重傳感器(load cells)
    UM UMA稱重傳感器(load cells)
    UL稱重傳感器(load cells)
    UU稱重傳感器(load cells)
    TX25稱重傳感器(load cells)
    TS21稱重傳感器(load cells)
    CMM2稱重傳感器(load cells)
    CWW稱重傳感器(load cells)
    UL12稱重傳感器(load cells)
    CL稱重傳感器(load cells)
    CCX稱重傳感器(load cells)
    CTM稱重傳感器(load cells)
    CT稱重傳感器(load cells)
    CPB32稱重傳感器(load cells)
    CPS稱重傳感器(load cells)
    CBC稱重傳感器(load cells)
    CB2 CB4 CB5稱重傳感器(load cells)
    CB1 CB1A稱重傳感器(load cells)
    CM稱重傳感器(load cells)
    CMM稱重傳感器(load cells)
    TX柱式稱重傳感器(load cells)
    CWH輪輻稱重傳感器(load cells)
    UMM UMMA拉式稱重傳感器(load cells)
    US1稱重傳感器(load cells)
    TRC扭矩傳感器(Torque sensor)
    CP CP57稱重傳感器(load cells)
    SB4P SB6P SB42P接線盒(Junction Box)
    YJ350 PT100顯示器(Indicator)
    CX稱重傳感器(load cells)
    SM110 SM150顯示儀表(Indicator)
    PDN-10 DN120顯示儀表(Indicator)
    TCN16扭矩傳感器(Torque sensor)
    TCN扭矩傳感器(Torque sensor)
    TRD扭矩傳感器(Torque sensor)
    TRB扭矩傳感器(Torque sensor)
    FGA壓力計(Force Gauge)
    DLH-A位移傳感器(Displacement Transducer)
    CXG-K100 100kgf
    CXG-K200 200kgf
    CXG-K300 300kgf
    CXG-T300 300tf
    CXG-T500 500tf
    CXG-T1000 1000tf
    CX77-T300 300tf
    CX77-T500 500tf
    TXG-K100 100kgf
    TXG-K200 200kgf
    TXG-K300 300kgf
    TXG-K500 500kgf
    CLG-TOO1 1tf
    CLG-TOO2 2tf
    CLG-TOO3 3tf
    UU-K10 10kgf
    UU-K20 20kgf
    UU-K30 30kgf
    ULG-K500 500kgf
    ULG-TOO1 1tf
    ULG-TOO2 2tf
    CP-K150 150kgf
    CP-K300 300kgf
    CP-K500 500kgf
    CPS-T009 9tf
    CPS-T010 10tf
    CT-T025 25tf
    CTM-T010 10tf
    CCX-T005 5tf
    CCX-T010 10tf
    CMM CM-K50 50kgf
    CM-K100 100kgf
    CM-K200 200kgf
    CM-K300 300kgf
    TS21-T001 1tf
    TS21-T002 2tf
    TS21-T005 5tf
    CBC-K10 10kgf
    CBC-K20 20kgf
    CBC-K50 50kgf
    CBC-K100 100kgf
    CBC-K200 200kgf
    CBC-K500 500kgf
    CB1-G150 150gf
    CB1-G300 300gf
    CB1-G600 600gf
    CWH-T001 1tf
    CWH-T002 2tf
    CWH-T003 3tf
    CWH-T005 5tf
    CWH-T010 10tf
    CWW-T050 50tf
    CWW-T100 100tf
    CWW-T150 150tf
    CWW-T200 200tf
    UM UMM TCN-2KC 2kgf-cm
    TCN-5KC 5kgf-cm
    TCN-10KC 10kgf-cm
    TCN-20KC 20kgf-cm
    TCN-K200 200kgf-m
    TCN-K500 500kgf-m
    TCN15-2KC 2kgf-cm
    TCN15-5KC 5kgf-cm
    TCN16-2KC 2kgf-cm
    TCN16-5KC 5kgf-cm
    TCN16-10KC 10kgf-cm
    TCN23-K50 50kgf-m
    SM110 Indicator
    SM150 Indicator
    DN500N Indicator
    DN510N Indicator
    DN520N Indicator
    DN530N Indicator
    DN540N Indicator
    DN550A Indicator
    PDN-10 DN120 Indicator
    DN10 Indicator
    DN10W Indicator
    DN20W Input:0~10V or 4~20mA Indicator
    DN15W Indicator
    DN50W Indicator
    DN30 RPM indicator
    DN1000 TRC AC Indicator
    DN100 Indicator
    DN200 Indicator
    DN150 Indicator
    DN250 Indicator
    PDN20 Indicator
    DN130L 2 Load cells 2 Ch indicator
    DN130T (RPM, Torque) 2 Ch indicator
    DN-FGA force gauge 2kg~50kgf
    DN-FGA force gauge 100kgf
    DN-DL2000 4ch-indicator
    MR900 Remote display
    MR910 Remote display
    YJ350 Printer
    PT100 Printer
    DN-AM100 Amplifier
    DN-ACM100 LVDT Amplifier
    RS422,485 BCD OUT
    BCD IN Summing Box
    SB4P SB6P SB8P SB42
    MP981 RPM Sensor
    Torque Sensors
    TRA-1K 1kgf-m
    TRA-20K 20kgf-m
    TRA-700K 700kgf-m
    TRA-1000K 1000kgf-m
    TRC-1K 1kgf-m
    TRC-10K 10kgf-m
    TRC-20K 20kgf-m
    TRC-50K 50kgf-m
    TRC-100K 100kgf-m
    TRB-20K 20kgf-m
    TRB-50K 50kgf-m
    TRA-100K 100kgf-m
    TRB-200K 200kgf-m
    TRB-300K 300kgf-m
    TRB-500K 500kgf-m
    TRB-700K 700kgf-m
    TRB-1000K 1000kgf-m
    TRD-700K 700kgf-m
    TRD-1000K 1000kgf-m
    TRE-20K 20kgf-m
    TRE-50K 50kgf-m
    TRS-2000KC 2000kgf-cm
    TRS-3000KC 3000kgf-cm
    CPB32 300kg~2000kg
    CPB32 3tf~5f
    CPB32(S/S) 300kg~2000kg
    TX25-T1 1tf
    TX25-T2 2tf
    TX25-T3 3tf
    TX25-T5 5tf
    TX25-T10 10tf
    RTB14 10kgf
    RTB14 20kgf
    RTB14 50kgf
    RTB15 100kgf
    RTB15 200kgf
    MC15-2 2 Components
    MC15-3 3 Components
    PL8-T5 5tf
    PL8-T10 10tf
    PL8-T20 20tf
    PL8-T40 40tf
    PL8-T50 50tf
    PL8-T100 100tf
    PL8-T125 125tf
    PL8-T150 150
    UL12-T6~T8 6tf~8tf
    UL12-T12~T20 12tf~20tf
    UL12-T27~T50 27tf~50tf
    US all capa CMT
    DLH-A 5mm~30mm
    DLH-A 50mm
    DLH-A 100mm

    【廣州★南創】:韓國Dacell load cell稱重傳感器【中國供應商】,優勢價格專業提供韓國Dacell load cell 稱重傳感器,Dacell load cell銷售電話:020-28989905,Dacell稱重傳感器價格資訊及產品服務。


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